House Inspections

Are you a property broker who specialises in selling homes in Surrey and surrounding areas like Guilford, Godalming, Woking, and Redhill, but do not have the time to send individual emails to groups of clients who need a specific type of home? Some of your clients might require a four bedroom flat, while others might need a home that contains a swimming pool. You might also have clients who need multi storied buildings for office purposes. More often than not, property dealers have to deal with several groups of clients, each having their personal preferences regarding the type of flat they want to purchase. Collating their details and sending them information about the latest property you have with you can be cumbersome. Can you imagine the situation if you send them improper information like providing details of a building, suitable for commercial purposes to a family that needs a four bedroom apartment? They might shift their loyalty to some other property broker.

Provide EPC information to your clients

Property dealers also depend a lot on word of mouth advertising. Therefore, you need to keep your clients happy and provide them with accurate information about property that meets their requirements. Your best option is to purchase the best email marketing software and use that to send targeted mails to your clients. Obviously, you have to provide your clients with an energy performance certificate of the building as well. This is important because the certificate lasts for 10 years, following which, the then owner needs to renew it and has to pay money for it. A building in Surrey, recently renewed with commercial epc surrey has a higher value compared to those whose certificates are about to lapse in the near future. If you want, you can also configure the templates supplied with the email software to segregate the properties you wish to sell depending on their EPC validity.

Advantages of cloud server

Check the quality of the software before purchasing it. If you have a website that contains a database in which clients can input their specifications, the software should have the capability to extract information from your website and sort it into different batches, and create separate templates for each group. This allows the program to send emails to a specific group of clients each time you alter the information on a particular template. You should also check if the vendor includes a cloud based server as a part of the deal and if the software automatically uploads information to the server whenever you input new information. This provides you with added security.

Property information on your fingertips

You no longer need to worry about your client list and information of properties you possess in case your computer crashes. An added advantage is that you can display details of property to clients through your smartphone or laptop as long as it is connected to the net and is synchronised with the cloud server. Save valuable time by purchasing the best email marketing software and using it to send latest property information to your clients.